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Keuka Lake serves as a picturesque backdrop to this novel which explores family secrets and second chances. Women in peril play an integral part in this thrilling debut full of Gossip Girl-esque dialogue and Barbara Taylor Bradford drama. Trying reading one of the time if you get free time after your game play thro’ the yoakimbridge.com platform.

Daughters of Fortune

Tara Hyland’s debut novel, Daughters of Fortune, explores a captivating tale about women who find themselves in dangerous circumstances. Filled with richly developed characters and plotting that could come straight out of Barbara Taylor Bradford melodramas, Daughters of Fortune provides an engaging reading experience for both young adults and adult readers alike.

Hyland’s popular book centers on Eliza Sommers, a Chilean heiress who finds herself drawn to the life of an adventurous sea captain. As she makes her journey across to California during its Gold Rush era, she must first establish herself within that male world of adventure and aggression before refining her sense of feminine identity in this land of freedom and opportunity.

Allende’s novels are striking examples of magic realism, in which realistic fiction is combined with magical elements. Her style was informed by her concern with Latin American politics and an interest in the role of women; furthermore she incorporated historical details into her fiction writings.

Allende’s first three books in this series–Daughters of Fortune, Of Love and Shadows and The House of the Spirits–featured an international cast. Allende deviated from her earlier works’ derivative qualities by exploring social injustices of her time as well as women’s roles within society through Daughters of Fortune.

Daughters of Fortune also marked Allende’s transition from more traditional literary genres to contemporary ones, as Eliza Sommers’ special abilities such as exceptional olfactory abilities and memory recall are one of only a few characters in her oeuvre who touch upon magical realism.

Allende returned to themes of feminism and identity exploration in her later novels. Most notably, Retrato en Sepia (2000; Portrait in Sepia), following Eliza Sommers’ daughter during California’s Gold Rush period and exploring questions of social justice and gender roles in society; this work can also be found as Ines del alma mia (2006) which recounts Zorro legend; Mas Alla del Invierno (2019) which chronicles Allende’s experiences with cancer as memoir of sorts.

Sins of the Mother

Netflix series Tyrannosaur explores how one mother’s religious fanaticism led to the killing of her children. Lori Vallow belonged to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints as well as a small sect that believed the end was near, which the series is based on events leading up to her arrest for Tylee and JJ’s deaths and Chad Daybell being charged with first degree murder in 2021.

The case of Daybell and the two young children found dead at his home raises significant questions about what happens when a psychotic episode takes on an altruistic hue. Unfortunately, it can often be hard for outsiders to tell when someone has crossed over into mental illness territory.

Hyland’s novels feature strong, independent women who make their own decisions. Which character do you admire the most, and which do you find most disappointing? As a reading group, discuss these questions to identify themes running throughout this novel and other works by this author. For added discussion points, compare Stanhope Castle in this story to Hearst’s iconic estate in California for further insight.

Faithful Place

Frank Mackey and Rosie Daly devised a midnight plan to leave Dublin’s Faithful Place neighborhood behind and run away to London together, but she didn’t show up the night they were due to leave and Frank assumed she had dumped him. Twenty-two years later, her suitcase turns up hidden behind the fireplace of an abandoned house near Faithful Place; Frank finds himself drawn back home. Now working for Dublin’s Murder Squad as a detective investigator, Frank finds himself drawn back into his former neighborhood that never left him: Faithful Place never really left him.

Mackeys from Dublin’s Liberties section stand out as being among the most dysfunctional families. Frank managed to escape and join the police force, yet has always felt out-of-place among his colleagues – yet now, as he investigates Rosie’s suitcase and its murder, his skeletons come bursting out to haunt him.

Tana French’s third novel (she also wrote The Likeness) is an exquisitely written thriller with psychological depth and vivid characters. French has a remarkable ability to blend suspenseful whodunit elements seamlessly with familial dynamics at play in her storytelling.

Readers will become engrossed in this story as Frank attempts to unravel what happened to Rosie and why her body was dumped on his birth street. As Frank delves deeper, he uncovers secrets belonging to neighbors and relatives connected with Rosie’s death that may also lie hidden.

This book boasts an intricate plot that will keep readers guessing at every turn, but its main characters really stand out: from Cooper to Kennedy and Scorcher – who all make an impressionful impression upon readers – making this novel worth every moment spent reading it. Like sipping Guinness slowly over a cup, enjoy every page! This one won’t disappoint!

The Nearly Weds

Nearlyweds is an entertaining podcast series about wedding planning. Jamie Laing and Sophie Habboo discuss all aspects of getting married – venues, vows, rings and guest lists etc. This show should not be missed by those planning their nuptials or simply interested in weddings!

Once three friends (Danielle Panabaker, Jessica Parker Kennedy, and Britt Irvin) learn that their pastor failed to file certain critical papers prior to officiating their weddings, they must carefully consider whether to go down the aisle again or start over. Packed with lighthearted yet touching marital conversations and Dove Family Approved material aimed at all ages – this romantic comedy offers something for all.

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